Are you nervous about going to the periodontist? Do you need periodontal treatment and worry it will be too painful?

It’s normal to feel anxious when thinking about undergoing any dental or periodontal procedure. That’s why sedation dentistry is so helpful! In this post, we’ll explain what sedation dentistry is and which type of sedation would be best for you.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to treat dental anxiety. It also allows dentists and periodontists to perform complex procedures in a comfortable and virtually painless way.

Sedation can be provided in many forms, including nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation. So, which one is right for you? The answer varies according to several factors, such as your medical history and the type of procedure you’re getting.

Your periodontist will help determine which method will work best for you. You’ll discuss with them whether you’ve had any problems with medications in the past or have other medical conditions that would rule out certain types of sedatives for you.

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Do I need sedation?

You might need sedation dentistry if you get apprehensive about going to the periodontist, or have a medical condition that makes it difficult for you to stay still and relaxed during procedures.

Sedation dentistry can be very helpful for people undergoing all kinds of periodontal and dental procedures such as:

  • Deep cleanings
  • Implants
  • Laser gum treatment
  • Osseous surgery
  • Extractions
  • Implants

Types of Sedation

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is the most common form of sedation. It has been shown to be particularly helpful for people who are anxious about going to the periodontist or undergoing dental procedures.

  • Can be prescribed before your appointment so you feel relaxed before and during your procedure.
  • It works well with local anesthesia. This combination makes it possible for you to feel relaxed during certain procedures without being fully asleep.
  • Can help you relax while still able to follow instructions and communicate.
  • It’s safe and effective for many patients.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide (also known as “laughing gas”) is an odorless gas that you inhale through a small mask. This type of sedation can be used for many dental procedures, including implants.

The effects of nitrous oxide are short-lived and usually wear off within a few minutes. You may even be able to go back to work right after the procedure!

IV Sedation

IV sedation is an ideal form of sedation for many dental and periodontal treatments. The medication is delivered directly into your bloodstream, and your periodontist monitors you closely throughout the procedure, adjusting the dosage as needed.

Because IV sedation lasts longer than oral or local anesthesia, it’s also good for lengthy procedures, like gingival grafting and guided bone regeneration.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

For many patients, periodontal procedures are as necessary as stressful. Fortunately, sedation dentistry can make your trip to the periodontist a much more comfortable experience.

The safety record of dental sedation is quite good — it’s estimated that over three million Americans receive this type of sedation every year without any serious complications. The fact that it’s so commonly used means there are many proven guidelines for administering this type of medication safely and effectively.

At Atlanta Center for Advanced Periodontics, our periodontists have extensive experience administering sedation for all types of procedures. So whether you’re having a deep cleaning, extraction, or any other treatment, our staff will work with you to ensure that you are safe and relaxed the entire time.

Choosing the best sedation option for you

Your periodontist will advise you on which method is the best option for you, according to the type of procedure you’re having and your particular needs. During your consultation, talk to them openly and honestly about your fears, as well as any health conditions, previous surgeries, allergies, medications, and other relevant information. This is essential to ensure your safety and comfort.

If needed, your periodontist may recommend a combination of methods (e.g., oral medication and IV sedation) to keep things comfortable and easygoing during treatment. If you have any questions about sedation, such as preparation tips and what to expect after the procedure, don’t hesitate to ask your periodontist.

Sedation is a great option to help you feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable during your periodontal appointment. Looking for sedation-assisted periodontal treatments? At Atlanta Center for Advanced Periodontics, our periodontists are highly experienced in providing top-quality periodontal treatments using the latest technology and effective sedation methods.

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