Bone Regeneration in Midtown Atlanta and Roswell

Building a strong and stable foundation for your smile.

Save a tooth or support an implant.

Encourage your body’s natural ability to regenerate tissue and bone for a healthy foundation.

Successfully stimulating bone growth around your teeth requires a technique-sensitive approach. Dr. Pumphrey has the training and experience to provide a comfortable experience and high-quality dental bone grafts in Midtown Atlanta and Roswell.

Dr. Pumphrey fit me in that very day for the procedure! I appreciate how the two work together for the benefit of their patients; and, how they will go the extra mile to fit out-of-town patients into their schedules while the patient is ‘in town’. Thank You!


Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)

Your jawbone’s main function is to act as a foundation that supports your teeth. But when you lose a tooth or are born without some teeth, the bone is no longer needed and will slowly start to disintegrate — a process known as resorption.

To repair your smile and restore the health of your teeth with a dental implant or with dentures, sometimes you will need to rebuild the foundation. Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) is a procedure to do just that.

Through GBR, Dr. Pumphrey can restore bone in spaces not occupied by teeth. He’ll help create a strong foundation to support your new smile.

Sinus Lift

A successful dental implant procedure is largely dependent on the quantity and quality of the bone where the implant is placed.

If you need a dental implant in the upper back of your mouth, the proximity to your sinus cavity, and lack of bone height in this area, can make this procedure difficult.

Sinus lift surgery is often the answer.

Using advanced techniques, Dr. Pumphrey ensures a successful implant by raising your sinus floor before regenerating sufficient bone.

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Patient Information

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Dr. Pumphrey and his staff were all caring, congenial, competent and professional. He went out of his way to adjust his calendar to ensure my dental issue was taken care of ASAP. I experienced no pain during the procedure and the results are great. Highly recommended!


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