Accelerated Orthodontics (SFOT) in Midtown Atlanta and Roswell

Straighter smiles in half the time.

accelerated orthodontics Atlanta Center for Advanced Periodontics fast results
accelerated orthodontics Atlanta Center for Advanced Periodontics

Orthodontics doesn’t have to be a waiting game.

By partnering with your orthodontist, we’ll help you achieve better results 2 to 3 times faster.

Our team will help speed up your orthodontic treatment. Working hand-in-hand with your orthodontist allows us to move your teeth into formation much faster and with better, lasting results.

It’s a dream team for your smile!


Thinking about braces? Work with a periodontist from the start.

Orthodontic treatments like braces and Invisalign create constant pressure on your teeth. This can lead to inflammation, bone loss, and gum recession. Our periodontists have 3 years of specialized training in bone, gum, and supporting tissue. Dr. Pumphrey regularly partners with orthodontists to limit the risk of damage to gums, soft tissue, and bone.

What is accelerated orthodontics?

Accelerated ortho, also known as Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy (SFOT), is the process of carefully manipulating your gums and bones to stimulate bone growth.

These adjustments to your gums and bones allow your teeth to move more quickly into their desired positions. Research suggests accelerated orthodontics can make your orthodontic treatment 2 to 3 times faster!

SFOT not only makes orthodontic treatments faster and easier, it also delivers better results. It limits gum recession and prevents post-orthodontic shifting or relapse of your teeth.

This process requires seamless communication and teamwork between both a skilled periodontist and orthodontist. Our doctors have great relationships with many orthodontists in the area and enjoy every opportunity to work together for the benefit of our patients.

Accelerated Ortho from Altanta Center for Advanced Periodontics, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry


Results 2 to 3 times faster


Reduces the risk of gum recession


Stops post-orthodontic relapse


Creates an easier treatment process

Our experience with Dr. Pumphrey and his team was quite an incredible experience. You can tell that everyone on his team worries about all the details. We felt truly cared for and would recommend this practice to anyone.


Ask us about sedation options

Every detail of your appointment is crafted to ensure your comfort. To help manage any discomfort or anxiety, our team is highly trained to offer the full spectrum of sedation services:

  • Oral sedatives
  • Nitrous oxide
  • IV sedation
  • General anesthesia

Patient Information

Patient Information

Forget what you know about your past dental health experiences. At our office, we’re reimagining what your experience should be. Every aspect of your appointment is focused on helping you feel your very best to achieve your goals.

•  Welcoming, energetic office environment and staff

•  Fun music, artwork, and amazing views of the city

•  Customized care and answers to all your questions

•  Explanation of exactly what to expect


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From start to finish I felt very comfortable with Atlanta Center for Advanced Periodontics, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. Dr. Pumphrey and his staff were clear, informative and confident in their recommendations for my procedure. I had crown lengthening done and I am so happy with the results! I highly recommend visiting and making a treatment plan with this elite team.


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