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Are your teeth sensitive to cold or hot temperatures?

Here’s what you need to know about sensitive teeth.

If you’ve ever had a hot beverage or cold ice cream cone only to be met with a sharp, stinging sensation in your teeth, then you know what it’s like to suffer from tooth sensitivity. 

Sensitive teeth can happen to anyone. But proper diagnosis is necessary to address the root of the issue. If you’re dealing with sensitive teeth, contact us to schedule a checkup and let’s see what’s going on.

What causes sensitive teeth?

Your teeth become sensitive as your tooth enamel wears down, exposing the underlying surface called “dentin.”

While enamel acts as a protective barrier, dentin contains thousands of microscopic channels that offer direct access to your tooth pulp, which include blood vessels and nerves. Heat and cold can travel through these channels to reach these nerves, causing pain and sensitivity.

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So what causes enamel to wear down?


Gum disease


Gum recession


Tooth decay


Cracked or broken teeth


Brushing too hard (or using a hard-bristled toothbrush)


Tooth clenching and grinding

How to care for your enamel?

Brush your teeth 2x a day for 2 minutes, floss 1x a day, and keep up on your routine dental checkups and cleanings as instructed.

Daily at-home care for sensitive teeth

If your teeth are sensitive and causing discomfort, schedule an appointment. There may be an underlying concern that needs to be addressed before it could lead to other issues.

In addition to your doctor-recommended instructions, try these at home care tips:

  • Don’t brush too hard (always use a soft toothbrush)
  • Use toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth
  • Avoid acidic foods and drinks
  • Choose snacks like fruits and vegetables 
  • Drink hot and cold beverages with a straw
  • Unclench your teeth (consider a night guard)
  • Take a break from teeth bleaching

How to treat tooth sensitivity

To treat sensitive teeth, you first need to know what’s going on in your mouth. For example, if gum disease or gum recession is to blame, you may require laser therapy, a gum graft, or other periodontal treatment.

The best dental health solutions are custom crafted to your situation. Whether you experience mild or advanced sensitivity, we can help. Schedule an appointment at our Roswell or Midtown Atlanta periodontal office.

More questions? We can help.

Is having sensitive teeth bad?

While it’s usually not an emergency issue, sensitive teeth are often the sign of a bigger dental health problem. Plus, no one needs to live in discomfort! Make sure to discuss tooth sensitivity with your periodontist so you can develop the right treatment plan.


Will tooth sensitivity go away?

You should only feel the sharp, short pain for a few moments, usually after eating something hot or cold (and sometimes under pressure). If your teeth are throbbing or in pain, you’re likely suffering from a toothache, not sensitive teeth. With proper care and treatment, you can lessen the sensation or help it go away completely, depending on the cause.


Can tooth enamel regrow?

Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the body, however it cannot be regenerated. However, you can “remineralize” your enamel as well as find other solutions to ensure your teeth stay strong, healthy, and durable.


Is teeth whitening bad for sensitive teeth?

Many at-home teeth whitening treatments cause temporary tooth sensitivity or pain. If you already suffer from sensitive teeth, avoid over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments until you’ve discussed it with your dental health care provider.

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