Gum Grafting in Midtown Atlanta & Roswell

Protect your teeth from the damaging effects of gum recession.

Rebuild your gum line with soft tissue augmentation.

Your gums protect your teeth and sometimes this gum tissue can gradually start to wear away, exposing the roots of your teeth. This can cause a number of dental health problems and also hurt the appearance of your smile.

One of the tried-and-true methods for correcting this issue is a gum graft surgery, also called soft tissue augmentation or gingival grafting. We are proud to offer this treatment to patients throughout Midtown Atlanta and Roswell.

Do you need a gum graft?

Dr. Pumphrey may recommend gum grafting to:


  • Strengthen and stabilize the gums covering your teeth
  • Protect a tooth against gum recession
  • Decrease tooth sensitivity
  • Improve the appearance of your smile or the aesthetics of an implant

What is a gum graft?

A gum graft procedure is a traditional and effective method for covering exposed root surfaces and rebuilding your gum line.

This process involves using donor tissue, soft tissue from the roof of your mouth, or nearby healthy gum tissue. This tissue is then attached to the area where your gums have worn away.

In a matter of weeks, your gums will not only look better and more uniform, they may also feel tighter and firmer, too.

What to expect from a gum graft

Our Roswell and Midtown Atlanta periodontists are highly experienced in this procedure, offering precise and successful results.

  • Local anesthesia is administered. We also offer sedation options to ensure your complete comfort.
  • The tissue graft is carefully taken from your mouth and stitches are applied. If necessary or requested, we can also use donor tissue.
  • The tissue is grafted onto the site.

The entire procedure is quite fast, usually taking about an hour and a half. We’ll provide follow-up care instructions, including which foods and activities you should avoid while the area heals. Your mouth should be feeling back to normal in about two weeks.

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    Patient Information

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