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25% of people have bad breath on a regular basis. It’s common, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

Bad breath can cause embarrassment and affect your social and professional life. If you feel like you’ve tried everything to cure your bad breath with no avail, don’t be discouraged. There is a solution out there for you!

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What is halitosis?

What is halitosis?

Most people wake up every morning with an unpleasant taste in their mouth or have smelly breath after eating a strong-tasting food — but that’s not typically a symptom of a bigger oral health issue. Chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis, is characterized by a consistently unpleasant odor or taste in your mouth, dry mouth, or a white coating on your tongue. Brushing your teeth, breath mints, and chewing gum can’t solve halitosis.

What causes bad breath?

If you suffer from bad breath even after brushing, it’s usually a symptom of a bigger issue — and often, that issue is GUM DISEASE.

Gum disease is caused when plaque and calculus build up along your gumline. Both plaque and calculus are filled with smelly bacteria. These bacteria slowly damage your teeth, gums, and jaw bone…and in the process, it can also make your breath smell bad.

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Other reasons for bad breath


Dry Mouth

Saliva helps cleanse your mouth, removing particles that cause bad odors. When you don’t produce enough saliva, you experience dry mouth. Chronic dry mouth could be a problem with your salivary glands, the medications you take, and some diseases.


Tobacco Use

Smoking or chewing tobacco causes a distinct, unpleasant oral odor. Additionally, smokers and oral tobacco users are more likely to experience gum disease.


Infections & Diseases

If you recently had oral surgery (like an extraction) it’s possible that the surgical site has become infected or has dry socket. This can cause a foul taste in your mouth. Bad breath can also be the result of tooth decay, mouth sores, or abscesses.


Tonsil Stones

Food particles and dead cells collect on your tonsils and calcify into small white formations called tonsil stones. Tonsil stones are filled with bad bacteria. The result? Bad breath.


Dental Appliances

Dentures that don’t fit properly or aren’t cleaned regularly harbor food particles and bacteria that can make your breath smell bad. It’s just one of the many reasons why it’s important for your dental appliance to be custom fit to your mouth!


Other Causes

Some diseases, like cancer, acid reflux, and metabolic disorders have also been associated with bad breath.

Tips for preventing bad breath

Brush your teeth at least 2x a day for 2 minutes & floss daily

See your dentist as instructed for routine preventive care


If you have a concern, ask! Early prevention is key to oral health

Follow all dentist-recommended treatment plans

How to get rid of bad breath permanently

The best treatment for bad breath depends on the cause of the issue.

For example, if you’re suffering from gum disease, treatments will vary from deep cleanings and laser treatments to surgical gum grafts and bone regeneration.

If you’re suffering from halitosis, schedule an appointment with your dental care provider. Together, you can work together to uncover the cause of your bad breath, create a custom treatment plan, and improve your health (and breath).

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