There are many reasons to prioritize gum health. Our gums provide structural support and nutrition to the roots of our teeth. They also act as a protective barrier, preventing bacteria in our mouths from entering our bloodstream. In fact, gum health is associated with whole-body health!

In addition to visiting your dentist for routine cleanings and exams, there’s a lot you can do at home and in your daily life to maintain the health of your gums and protect yourself from the risks of gum disease. Keep reading to discover our top tips for maintaining gum health with simple daily habits!

Signs of gum disease

Gum disease (periodontitis) is a common oral infection that affects nearly half of Americans over the age of 30. It’s caused by excess bacteria along the gumline that erodes the soft tissue and can ultimately lead to tooth decay and bone loss if left untreated.

Catching signs of gum disease early is the best way to prevent the most serious negative health effects and make the treatment process as easy and smooth as possible. Here are some key signs to look for:

Tips to keep your gums healthy

Brush your teeth

Everyone benefits from daily brushing. In addition to keeping our teeth clean and reducing bad breath, it also protects our gums by removing harmful bacteria. Brush your teeth and gumline with a soft-bristle toothbrush and fluoride-infused toothpaste twice a day to maintain healthy gums.

Don’t skip floss

Flossing is an essential yet often overlooked part of daily at-home dental care, with only 41% of Americans flossing daily. The benefits of flossing can’t be overstated. Flossing just once a day can remove up to 80% of interdental plaque from between your teeth.

Use an antibacterial mouth-wash

Rinsing with a dedicated mouthwash isn’t a replacement for brushing or flossing. But when used in conjunction with other daily care, it can provide excellent protection against oral bacteria that compromise gum health.

Eat a healthy diet

A balanced, nutrient-dense diet is fantastic for every aspect of human health, including our gums. Eating plenty of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains is a great way to improve your gum health and prevent disease.

While you don’t have to completely cut out your favorite treats, it’s a good idea to limit your intake of ultra-sugary or acidic snacks and beverages, as they can cause a buildup of oral bacteria over time.

Avoid tobacco

Smoking or chewing tobacco can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums. Not only does it attract bacteria and increase plaque and tartar, it also damages the immune system. According to the CDC, smokers are twice as likely to develop gum disease.

Get routine dental cleanings

Consistent at-home oral hygiene and healthy lifestyle choices can go a long way. But they’re not sufficient to fully remove plaque and tartar. Professional teeth cleanings are essential to maintain gum health and protect yourself against the risks of gum disease.

Protect yourself from gum disease and achieve a healthy, radiant smile!

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